Pop Up Portraits at Starved Rock | Photography by Shanna

Aaaah snow.  I love winter.  Like really really love winter.  There's just a calm that settles when it's cold and snowy, and everything seems to reset itself.  The first weekend of December was a VERY lovely, snowy weekend.  The day after teaching the Capturing Christmas workshop, I headed out to Starved Rock to hike, enjoy the snowfall, and take portraits of others out enjoying the winter.

Like this guy!

Most of the people I approached happily agreed to have their portraits taken.  One guy told me it was "weird, but cool" to approach people this way. Ha!  I don't disagree with him, but it was a ton of fun, and I talked with so many people that I normally would have just passed on by with a nod and maybe a "hello".  Instead, I got to know some people, and bring some smiles to their day!

And yes,  I asked everyone to smooch.  You know I love those smoochy pictures!  But these two guys from Ottawa declined, since they're just friends!  We got a good laugh out of it anyway!

And of course, while I loved photographing all the people (and pups!), I also love love love capturing that majestic snow.

I'd love to capture your portraits out at Starved Rock too!  Let's plan a session!

Shanna Dugan | Photography by Shanna

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