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who we are

We are a group of emerging and established professional photographers, living in and serving the geographical region around Starved Rock.  We believe that together, we can raise the bar for photography in our area.  We also believe that when one of us does better, we all do better; and when we all do better collectively, we each do better individually.

Starved Rock Photography is, essentially, a marketing collaborative.  We were founded by photographer Shanna Dugan of Peru.  Shanna believes FULLY in the spirit of community over competition, and has built a successful local chapter of The Rising Tide Society.  Shanna saw an opportunity in the industry to band together as a group, while maintaining our separate business interests.  She believes that we can successfully build one another up, and that by doing so, all of our businesses will thrive.

Starved Rock Photography offers the opportunity to grow your SEO, with backlinks, profile pages, blogs, social media features, GoogleAds.  We offer the opportunity to grow your professional presence through group memberships of local professional organizations, networking opportunities, distributed printed advertising, publishing opportunities, group branding.  We offer the opportunity to be at the leading edge of a growing trend of solo preneurs coming together to build a community that benefits all.

Are you a photographer in our area? Are you interested in joining us? Fill out the membership application and Shanna will get in touch with you soon! https://www.starvedrockphotography.com/member-application


Starved Rock Photography is a membership-based marketing project by local film photographer Shanna Dugan.  Shanna believes in promoting "community over competition" within the photography community in Starved Rock Country.  As the LP chapter leader of the Rising Tide Society, she's deeply connected to an international community of like-minded business owners.

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