These Terms of Service (hereafter, “TOS”) serve as the terms, conditions, and code of conduct for our online forums. By becoming a member of the Starved Rock Photography community, operated by Shanna Dugan of Photography by Shanna, you have agreed to abide by these TOS.

Our forums are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Starved Rock Photography makes no express or implied warranties as to

1) the board’s operation and accessibility,

2) the services, activities, or resources offered, or

3) the content or materials posted in the forums or elsewhere on any associated sites.

Starved Rock Photography is not liable for damages of any kind arising from the use or inability to use or access the forums or content therein.

You agree to indemnify Starved Rock Photography, Moderators, and all agents and affiliates against any and all damages (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees) resulting from any claim brought by a third party arising from or relating to your conduct in this forum.

Starved Rock Photography may modify these TOS at any time and without notifying our members of any such changes. Your continued membership to Starved Rock Photography constitutes your assent to such modified terms. You may cancel your membership at any time, but no refunds will be issued for payments previously made.

  • Board Participation and Decorum

  • Additional Posting Guidelines

  • Intellectual Property and Use of Content

  • Researching / Soliciting Business Information and Ideas

  • Forum Moderation

  • Disciplinary Action

  • Reporting Posts, Threads, or Inappropriate Conduct

  • Board Support

  • Miscellaneous


1. Board Participation and Decorum

This is a place for sharing and learning. We would like to see people join not only for their own personal growth/gain, but also out of a desire to contribute to a positive community that supports and encourages fellow artists and members. New photographer or veteran, we all have something to offer.

Please be relevant, responsible, and respectful in all of your posts. Before submitting a post, consider the feelings of others and whether the comments, attachments, or links that you post could be construed as offensive, obscene, inflammatory, disrespectful, defamatory, invasive, illegal, unkind, or otherwise inappropriate. Inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension or revocation of privileges or membership altogether. You are responsible for all content posted by your account.

2. Additional Posting Guidelines

Complaints. Posts arguing about Starved Rock Photography policies and/or administrative actions are prohibited. If you are upset or otherwise in disagreement with a policy or administrative action, you are encouraged to post at the Help Desk contact the forum owner directly..

Copyright. You may not post content that violates the copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party. You represent and warrant that you own the rights or are authorized to share all content that you post – including text, images, tools, forms, files, etc. As a general rule, the images and content that you post remains your own.

Critiques. A good critique gives advice about how to make an image better. Simply stating whether or not you like an image is not particularly helpful. Pointing out specific positives about a photographer’s approach and sharing what you would have done differently (and why) is the most effective way to help your fellow photographers grow and improve.

Grand Exit Posts. If at any point you decide to discontinue your membership or participation here at Starved Rock Photography, please refrain from public announcements about your impending departure and the reasons therefor, as such posts tend to generate drama and unnecessarily disrupt positive conversation on the board. We are very sorry to see you go!

Identity and Accuracy of Information. Registration information and any information provided within the member profile or elsewhere on the board must be accurate to the best of the member’s knowledge. Account sharing, false identities, deception, hoaxes, and the like are grounds for immediate account termination. By registering, you affirm that you are age 18 or older.

Linking. You are encouraged to link members to useful articles, products, services, sales, and other resources that may be of member interest or usefulness. Stand alone links (links with no further text) are not allowed and may be considered spam. Please include some text describing the link and why it may be of interest to members.

Organization. Posts must be placed in an appropriate forum or sub-forum and should contain a descriptive subject line. Posts placed in an inappropriate forum or sub-forum will either be moved or deleted. Non-descriptive or inappropriate subject lines may be renamed.

Permanence of Posts. Members have the ability to edit posts for a short window in order to permit clarification or edit typographical errors, and Moderators may edit or delete duplicate posts or those that violate our terms of service. All content is maintained in the Starved Rock Photography database as a permanent contribution to discussion.

Post Bumping. Incessant post bumping is generally frowned upon, but a member may bump a thread one time per thread if s/he feels it necessary to do so. The best way to get a response in an inactive thread is to post more information about your question, problem, or issue. If you must bump a post, however, please wait a reasonable amount of time before doing so.

Privacy. As this board is semi-public, we ask that you not post or supply any personal or proprietary information or content that you or a third party may wish to keep private..

Spamming. Do not spam the board with duplicative posts, irrelevant posts, or posts designed to increase your post count. Moderators review posting histories intermittently to ensure that members are not engaging in such activity and will take action as necessary.

3. Intellectual Property and Use of Content

Generally. By posting on the Starved Rock Photography board, you represent and warrant that you own the rights or are authorized to share all content that you post – including text, images, tools, forms, files, etc. You authorize Starved Rock Photography to maintain all links, images, text, and other posted content.

You retain the copyright to all of the content that you post on the Starved Rock Photography board, including text and images, subject to the following:

Internal Use of Content. Quoting or otherwise re-posting member posts within the Starved Rock Photography forums is permissible provided that the original poster is properly credited.

Photographs are the property of the photographer. You may copy, use, or alter images only as explicitly or implicitly authorized by the photographer.

External Use of Content. Members may not duplicate or distribute the content (including text or images) posted in the Starved Rock Photography forums beyond the board without the express permission of the copyright holder. Re-posting or otherwise sharing board content with non-members is grounds for the immediate revocation of Starved Rock Photography membership. Copyright infringement will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

Members may not duplicate, reference, or utilize board content beyond the board (even on a member to member basis) in any way that may be deemed – at the discretion of forum moderators – to be malicious, damaging, adversarial, or otherwise inappropriate. Inappropriate uses include – but are not limited to – the following:

1) Clients who use board content to renegotiate a member photographer’s pricing, undermine a member photographer’s business structure, or otherwise damage a member photographer’s reputation or commercial interests.

2) Photographers who use board content to undercut a local member photographer’s pricing or client base, appropriate the poses, locations, price lists, promotions, or other ideas of local member photographers, or otherwise utilize the board as a way to compete with existing members.

Promotional Use of Content. Starved Rock Photography may reference, duplicate, or otherwise distribute textual content for promotional purposes, including – but not limited to – using member quotes as testimonials or to demonstrate the breadth of knowledge on the board. Except as outlined below, images may be used only in direct reference to the accompanying forum thread wherein such content is posted.

Starved Rock Photography may from time to time solicit images for use in its promotional materials, and your submission of such content in response to these requests authorizes Starved Rock Photography to use those images in accordance with the stated purpose.

Members who choose to participate in official Starved Rock Photography contests, challenges, or designated threads consent to having their entries displayed on the Starved Rock Photography blog and elsewhere for promotional purposes.

Starved Rock Photography may make other limited use of posted content in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine under Federal Copyright Law.

Posting Images by Others.

By posting an image on the forums, you warrant that doing so does not infringe on the copyright or intellectual property rights of any third party. Images posted for the purposes of commentary, critique, or academic research under the Fair Use Doctrine shall, as a matter of professional courtesy, credit the photographer and clearly designate the source of the image. If the discussion is negative or highly critical, the hyperlink may be deactivated from the URL by leaving off the http://www. part of the address.

4. Researching / Soliciting Business Information and Ideas

There are many talented and successful professional photographers on the Starved Rock Photography forum. When you view the posts/websites/blogs of fellow members, please keep in mind that the pictures and text are the legal copyright of the respective artists.

Out of professional courtesy, please use good judgment before appropriating the ideas of others (such as poses, locations, price lists, promos, and educational content).Starved Rock Photography reserves the right to terminate the membership of any owner, operator, employee, or independent contractor of  any other commercial photography forum on the grounds of conflicting interest.

5. Forum Moderation

Moderators do not pre-screen posted content. Moderators may – but are under no obligation to – review posts, edit posts, lock posts, or delete posts or threads at their discretion. Moderation is not intended to censor or promote certain points of view or otherwise stifle open discourse. The goal of moderation is to uphold our policies, support the purposes and objectives of the board, and to maintain a positive and beneficial community for all of our members.

If a thread, post, or part of a post is deleted by Moderators, and a member attempts to re-post the deleted content (or anything similar to the deleted content), that member’s posting privileges may be suspended or revoked.

6. Disciplinary Action

Moderators make every effort to treat all members fairly and equally under these TOS. The board owner is the final authority on all disciplinary action that is taken.

The rules for appropriate and inappropriate conduct apply to all board activity. Private interactions between members (including private messages and off-board activity) may be taken into consideration if such correspondence or conduct is brought to the attention of moderators.

Moderators are generally forgiving of isolated minor violations of the TOS on the board.

The most common administrative actions are to edit, move, or delete posts or threads. The second most common actions are the issuance of reminders or warnings.

More serious violations – or repeated minor violations – may result in immediate membership suspension or revocation. Serious violations include (but are not limited to)

1) Direct personal insults, attacks, or harassment

2) Spam or deliberate post count inflation

3) Advertising, Referrals, Self-Promotion, or Solicitation (one warning is generally given)

4) Hoaxes, Deception, or Sensationalism

5) Distributing Post Content Off-Board

6) Stealing the Photographs of Others

7) Permitting account access by anyone other than the registered account holder

The above guidelines notwithstanding,Starved Rock Photography reserves the right to suspend or revoke a member’s membership and/or privilege to post content on our site at any time and for any reason. Members who are suspended or banned are entitled to no refund of their membership payment.


7. Reporting Posts, Threads, or Inappropriate Conduct

If you have experienced or observed inappropriate posts or other inappropriate behavior by a Starved Rock Photography member, please report it to the forum owner. The identities of those who report posts or conduct are never made public.

Examples of Posts that should be reported:

1) Personal attacks or otherwise rude/malicious posts

2) Posts that are obscene, offensive, or inflammatory

3) Posts that encourage pirating/copyright infringement

8. Board Support

Generally. Technical support for your account, billing questions, and/or problems with the board or forums should be sought by inquiring directly with the forum owner.

9. Miscellaneous

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to these TOS, please contact the forum owner.

Starved Rock Photography is a membership-based marketing project by local film photographer Shanna Dugan.  Shanna believes in promoting "community over competition" within the photography community in Starved Rock Country.  As the LP chapter leader of the Rising Tide Society, she's deeply connected to an international community of like-minded business owners.

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