Starved Rock Area

Starved Rock State Park is a state park in the state of Illinois, characterized by the many canyons and waterfalls within its 2,630 acres. Rich with history and beauty, Starved Rock’s hiking trails meander through towering trees and scenic overlooks along the Illinois River.  Located just southeast of the village of Utica, along the south bank of the Illinois River, the park hosts over two million visitors annually,

Not too far from Starved Rock itself are other attractions worth noting.  Matthiessen Park is well known for its' canyons and waterfalls, and is a popular location for hiking and photo taking.  Buffalo Rock Park is on the north side of the Illinois River, with sweeping views and picnic locations.  

Starved Rock Photography is a membership-based marketing project by local film photographer Shanna Dugan.  Shanna believes in promoting "community over competition" within the photography community in Starved Rock Country.  As the LP chapter leader of the Rising Tide Society, she's deeply connected to an international community of like-minded business owners.